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To ensure that the Mission 1000 Program would deliver its purpose seamlessly, participants will methodically undergo professional development through a series of phases.

Mission 1000 is dedicated to bridging the skill gap and addressing employability concerns by offering a range of comprehensive services.

Our mission is achieved through a combination of training, coaching/mentoring, networking opportunities, and access to potential job opportunities.

By participating in our programs, prospective trainees gain the essential skill sets, knowledge, professional networks, and platforms necessary to enhance their employability and successfully navigate the competitive job market.

  • Phase 1: Assessment, Class sessions and Training sessions.

  • Phase 2: Volunteering and Networking Opportunities.

  • Phase 3: Job Placements.


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Looking for a job, an opportunity to volunteer or network, interested in upskilling?

Our services

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Interested in a career switch? We are happy to hear from you and provide the needed guidance.


We provide career mentoring services to support individuals in achieving their professional goals and advancing their careers.

Resume Review

We offer professional resume writing services tailored to your specific needs and career goals.